Extracting data from an Unica Deliver landing page

You can use the Extract process in a flowchart to extract data from an Unica Deliver landing page. The Extract process selects fields from one table and writes them out to another table for subsequent processing.

Before you begin

Ensure that your environment meets the requirements before attempting to extract Unica Deliver landing page data. For more information, see Prerequisites for extracting data from Unica Deliver landing pages.


  1. In a flowchart in Edit mode, double-click the Extract process in the flowchart workspace.

    The process configuration dialog appears.

  2. On the Source tab, select Deliver landing pages.
  3. In the popup window, select an Unica Deliver landing page as input.
    Note: You can select only one Unica Deliver landing page as input to an Extract process. To extract data from more than one landing page, configure multiple Extract processes.
  4. If there is more than one audience level available for the landing page, select the appropriate audience level from the drop-down list. If there is only one audience level available, it is automatically selected.
  5. Click OK.
  6. On the Extract tab, use the Target data source field to select an output location:
    • To store the data in binary format, select Unica Campaign Server.
    • To store the data in a uniquely named table with a UAC_EX prefix, select an available database.

    Then select fields from the list of Candidate fields and add them to the Fields to extract list. Use the controls to remove or reorder fields. For information about using the Extract tab, see Extract tab reference.

  7. Perform any of the following optional tasks:
    Note: Profiling is not available for Unica Deliver landing page attributes.
  8. Click OK.


The process is configured. You can test the process to verify that it returns the results you expect.

Note: During the extraction process, Unica Campaign creates an intermediate view in the system tables database with a UCC_LPV prefix. This internal view remains in the database until the process box is deleted. If you remove the view, you must reconfigure its corresponding Extract process before rerunning the process or flowchart; otherwise, Unica Campaign generates a missing table error.
Note: Before version 12.1.3, you could export the Audience ID field (Default : Customer_ID) using the Snapshot process box by taking input from Extract PB to identify customers who have responded to the Landing page. From version 12.1.3, the Response date time field (RespDateTime) is also available in the process box taking input from Extract PB under the Node "Extract". Now, the user can also export Response date time field to identify the exact response date time the customer responded on.