Segment process: Extract tab

Use the Extract tab of the Segment process configuration dialog to select fields to extract. In this way, you allow the output from the Segment process to be accessible as input to Mail list or Call list processes in a flowchart.

The following table describes the fields, buttons, and controls on the Extract tab. The controls on the Extract tab are active only if you selected Create extract tables on the Segment tab.

Table 1. Extract tab



Target data source

Location to which the output from this process is written. The Unica Campaign server and any other data sources to which you are connected are available from the Target data source drop-down list.

Candidate fields

List of fields available to extract, including field name and data type, based on your input data source.

If your input source is a landing page in Unica Deliver, each field name is an attribute of the landing page. If the attribute contains special characters or spaces, it is converted to a valid field name. Data types of all landing page attributes are listed as text.
Note: Schema object names are limited to 30 characters. Restrict your attribute names to 30 characters or less to produce valid column names for extracted output.

Fields to extract

Fields that you selected to extract from the Candidate fields list. The Output name defaults to the field name in the Field to extract column.

If you change the Output name, you can use any combination of letters and numbers. Do not use spaces, hyphens (-), periods (.), slashes (/ or \), or any special characters.


Opens the Profile selected field dialog, which calculates the values and distributions of records in the selected field. Active only when a field name is selected in the Candidate fields list.

Derived fields...

Opens the Create derived field dialog.


Opens the Advanced settings dialog, which includes the option to skip duplicate records and to specify how Unica Campaign identifies duplicates.