Segment process: New segment and Edit segment controls

The following table describes the controls on the New segment and Edit segment dialog boxes. You can access these dialog boxes when configuring a Segment process.

Note: The New segment dialog box can be accessed only when you are segmenting by query. When you segment by field, only the Name and Max. size fields are available in the Edit Segment dialog box.
Table 1. New Segment and Edit Segment dialog box controls




Name of the segment.

Max. size

Maximum number of records that are allowed in the segment.

Select based on

Specifies a data source on which to base your query.

Select all data source type

Includes all the IDs from the data source in the Input drop-down list.

Select data source type with

Provides access to the functions for creating a query to select only certain IDs based on criteria you define.


Opens the Advanced settings dialog, which provides the following options:

  • Use raw SQL: Use a raw SQL query to segment data.
  • Use query scope from input cell: Available only if a source cell to this Segment process uses a query. Select the check box to combine the query in the source cell (using "AND") with the current selection criteria.

Derived fields...

Opens the Create derived field dialog.

Query text box and buttons

For information about using the query text box and related fields and buttons, see "Creating queries in processes" in the Unica Campaign Administrator's Guide.