Example: Extracting transaction data

This example explains how to use the Extract process to obtain data about purchase transactions.

Assume that you designed a campaign to perform selections or calculations based on the last three months of purchase transactions for all non-delinquent customers (approximately 90% of your customer base), resulting in 4 Gb of data.

Even if Unica Campaign created a temporary table for these customers, joining it back to the purchase transaction table would entail pulling over approximately 90% of the 4 Gb rows (and discarding all transactions except for the last three months) to execute a GROUPBY macro, for example.

Instead, you can configure an Extract process (placed at the purchase transaction level) to pull out all transactions within the last three months, put them into a table in the database, and then subsequently run multiple GROUPBY macros and other calculations against it (for example, min/max and average).