Sample validators included in the Validation PDK

Two sample validators are included in the Unica Campaign Validation PDK: SimpleCampaignValidator and ExecutableCampaignValidator.

  • SimpleCampaignValidator is a self-contained plug-in that shows how to do such things as custom authorization and validating allowable campaign names. It can be found in the following path:

    We recommend that you make a copy of the class before you edit it, so you can retain the original version if needed.

  • ExecutableCampaignValidator is a Java plug-in that calls out to an executable application to perform the validation. The source code for the ExecutableCampaignValidator is included in the same directory as the SimpleCampaignValidator:

    However, the real purpose of this example is for use as a command-line executable for validation. This file is in the following path:


    This file is a sample loopback executable, illustrating common types of validation work.