Contents of the Validation PDK

The Validation PDK contains components to develop Java plug-ins or command-line executables to add custom validation to Unica Campaign. The PDK contains documented, buildable examples of how to use the PDK.

Plug-in SDK

The following table describes each component.

Table 1. Components of the Validation PDK
Component Description
Developer guide A PDF document titled Unica Campaign Validation PDK Guide.
API Javadoc

Reference information for the plug-in API.

Java .jar file

A sample JAR file that contains the sample plug-ins. The JAR file contains:

  • Simple plug-in: an example of a self-contained validator class.

  • Executable plug-in: an example validator that runs a user-defined command line executable to perform validation.

Sample Executable A command-line executable that can be used with the executable plug-in on UNIX.
Build Script An Ant script that builds the included source code into usable validator plug-ins.
Samples Source Code The Java source code for the simple validator and the executable validator.