A wrapper type around the results of a flowchart, process box or cell run, possibly still in progress, including the run status, flowchart execution start and end date/times, and counts.

It includes the following fields:

  • sourceReference: optional reference of the source of the run result. According to the context that run results are fetched, this can refer to a flowchart, a flowchart process box, or a target cell. In any case, the remaining run result data refers to this source.
  • flowchartName: the name of the flowchart that was run.
  • flowchartId: the database identifier for the flowchart.
  • runId: the database identifier of the run.
  • typeEnum: an enumerated type that defines what run generated the results, such as PRODUCTION_PROCESS (see WSRunTypeEnum).
  • statusEnum: an enumerated type that defines the run status, such as RUNNING (see WSRunStatusEnum).
  • statusCode: optional integer status code.
  • statusMessage: optional status message.
  • startDate: optional calendar datetime of when the run started; is null if the run did not start.
  • endDate: as with startDate, but the datetime when the run ended (success or failure); is null if the run did not start or is not finished yet.
  • count: optional total count of contacts that are selected by the run; might be zero or null if the run did not complete.