SOAP API changes by version

The purpose of this topic is to identify changes to the Unica Campaign SOAP API for customers who are currently using the API. If you upgraded from a prior version, review the following information to determine whether you need to make changes to your application code.

Versions and backwards-compatibility

Future versions of the CampaignServices API are compatible with earlier versions, with all minor and maintenance releases that share a major version number. However, reserves the right to break compatibility with the earlier version for "dot zero" (x.0) major releases.

The major version number of the API is incremented if any of the following changes are made:
  • Data interpretation changed
  • Business logic changed, that is, the service method functionality
  • Method parameters and / or return types changed
The minor version number of the API is incremented if any of the following changes are made.
  • New method added
  • New data type that is added and its usage that is restricted to new methods
  • New type added to an enumerated type
  • a new version of an interface is defined

continues to support the published WSDL, SOAP client, and the version of Apache Axis that is used to implement the SOAP offering until at least the next major release. Practically speaking, this is accomplished by supporting several version-specific web services concurrently. ( already supports several versions of this service internally.)

Changes in v9.1.2

There were no API changes in version in v9.1.2.

Note: A REST API was introduced in v9.1.2, in addition to the SOAP API described in this guide. The REST API is described separately.

Changes in v9.1.1

stopFlowchart includes a new input parameter, runId, to support a clustered listener environment.

Changes in v9.1

There were no API changes in version 9.1.

Changes in v9.0

There were no API changes in version 9.0.

Changes in v8.6

API changes implemented in v8.6:

  • The SOAP engine was upgraded from AXIS version 1.4.1 to AXIS2 1.5.2.
  • The WSDL was restructured to deal with issues that handle the required and optional parameters.
  • The Client API .jar file changed due to the WSDL changes. As a result, the generated stubs and classes changed. The Client API method parameters did not change, but the constructors of supporting value objects were modified for the AXIS2 WSDL2Java converter usage.
  • The Web Service URL points to:


    and the corresponding WSDL is retrieved at:


If you are upgrading to Unica Campaign version 8.6 or higher and you currently use the Unica Campaign Services API, you must modify your application code.

Depending on whether you use the client API or the WSDL, see the following sections for details: