Windows impersonation administration

Windows impersonation is a mechanism that allows Unica Campaign administrators to associate Unica Campaign users with Windows users, so that Unica Campaign processes invoked by an Unica Campaign user run under the credentials of the corresponding Windows user.

For example, if Windows impersonation is enabled, when the Unica Campaign user jsmith edits a flowchart, a unica_acsvr process starts under the Windows user ID associated with the Unica Platform login name jsmith.

Why use Windows impersonation?

By using Windows impersonation, you are able to leverage the Windows-level security permissions for file access. If your system is set up to use NTFS, you can then control access to files and directories for users and groups. Windows impersonation also allows you to use Windows system monitoring tools to see which users are running which unica_acsvr processes on the server.

What is the relationship between Unica Campaign users and Windows users?

To use Windows impersonation, you must establish a one-to-one relationship between Unica Campaign users and Windows users. That is, each Unica Campaign user must correspond to a Windows user with the exact same user name.

Typically, administration begins with a set of existing Windows users who will use Unica Campaign. You must create Unica Campaign users in Unica Platform with the exact same names as the associated Windows users.

The Windows impersonation group

Each Windows user for whom you have set up a Unica Campaign user must be placed in a special Windows impersonation group. You must then assign the group to specific policies.

To ease administrative tasks, you can then grant read/write/execute privileges to the Unica Campaign partition directory for the group.

Windows impersonation and logging into Unica

When Windows impersonation is set up, once users have logged into Windows, Unica Campaign users are automatically logged into Unica using a single sign-on. When they open a browser and go to the Unica URL, they do not need to log in again, and they immediately see the Unica start page.