Code format requirements

The default and valid format for each type of generated code uses a series of characters to represent the character types. You can override the default formats for the codes generated by the Campaign built-in code generators.

Unique campaign, cell, treatment, and offer codes must be 32 characters or less. This restriction applies to codes generated by default and custom code generators as well as any manually entered codes. Offer codes must not include the space character.

The following table lists the characters that you can use to control code formats.

Table 1. Control code formats


Treated As

A-Z, any symbol, b-z (except c, n, x)

A constant value in the generated code


Any uppercase letter A-Z

c or x

Any uppercase letter A-Z, or any number, 0-9


Any uppercase letter A-Z, any number 0-9. However, users can replace the generated character with any ASCII character.

To specify variable length codes, the code format must end with one or more "x" characters, and the allowVariableLengthCodes property must be set to TRUE.


Any number 0-9

Example: The format definition CAMP_aaannn generates the following code: CAMP_DWP839 (CAMP_, followed by three randomly generated capital letters, then three randomly generated numeric digits)