About offer and treatment codes

An offer code is the globally unique identifier for an offer. A treatment code is the globally unique identifier for a combination of a cell (a list of IDs) and an offer.

Each offer in Unica Campaign must have a code, and no two offer codes in the same Unica Campaign partition should be the same. An offer code can have one to five parts, which you specify when you create the offer template.

When users create an offer, the Offer Code fields are automatically populated with a unique value from the code generator.

Users can click Regenerate code to have the code generator supply a new identifier, or they can enter a code manually. To override offer codes, users must have the appropriate permission.

Important: Automatically generated offer codes are guaranteed to be globally unique only if no user ever overrides any offer code.

The unique combination of a cell and an offer used at a particular point in time is a treatment. Each treatment is uniquely identified with a treatment code.

Separate treatments, and treatment codes, are generated each time a flowchart is run. If users run a flowchart on January 1, and again on January 15, two separate treatments are created. This allows you to track responses to offers in the most granular way possible.
Note: After treatment codes are generated, they cannot be overridden.