Use database load utilities

You can improve performance significantly by using a database load utility for all datasources. Database load utilities are available from your database vendors.

About this task

The basic procedure to configure Unica Campaign for use with a database loader is summarized below. Follow these steps for each datasource.

Note: These steps do not apply to every combination of database type and operating system. For detailed instructions, along with troubleshooting advice, see the Unica Campaign Administrator's Guide.


  1. Create two load control file templates: one for adding records and one for appending records.
  2. Create a script or executable to start the load utility. Examples are provided in the Unica Campaign Administrator's Guide.
  3. In Unica Campaign, go to Campaign|partitions|partition1|dataSources|<datasourcename> and set the properties that begin with the word Loader. These properties identify the control file templates and indicate the location of the script or executable file.