Unica Campaign performance configuration overview

The purpose of this document is to improve performance of flowchart execution, which is the core of the Unica Campaign application. The performance of Unica Campaign is tied closely to database performance. Optimal settings of database-related parameters can significantly improve overall Unica Campaign application performance.

Unica Campaign is a marketing campaign management application. An installation of Unica Campaign consists of multiple components, including Unica Platform and Unica Campaign. The installation also relies on other tools such as web application servers and databases.

All of these components have properties, features, and settings that you can configure to improve performance. Unica Campaign itself has a number of configuration properties which you can use to tune your installation for best performance.

Defining "best performance" is difficult. Every environment and implementation has different requirements. Unica Campaign performance can be affected by many factors, including hardware, software, and network configuration.

The following environment was used as the basis for Unica Campaign performance configuration testing:

  • Unica Campaign v11.1
  • AIX® (7.1)
  • WAS ( ND)
  • DB2® (11.1)