Creating strategic segments

A strategic segment is one that is available for use in multiple campaigns. Create strategic segments in a session flowchart, run the flowchart in production mode, and save the flowchart. The resulting segments can then be used in marketing campaigns.

Before you begin

You must meet the prerequisites described in Prerequisites for creating strategic segments. For example, you must have the appropriate permissions and Campaign|partitions|partition[n]|server|flowchartRun | saveRunResults must be set to TRUE.


  1. Create a session or open an existing session for editing.
  2. Create a flowchart whose final output process is the CreateSeg process.
  3. Run the flowchart in production mode and click Save and exit.
    Running the process in test mode does not create a strategic segment or update an existing one. You must run the process in production mode in a session flowchart.


The strategic segments are listed on the All segments page and are available for use in all campaigns.