Viewing strategic segments

You can view information about strategic segments that were created with the Create Seg process in a session flowchart. The session flowchart must run in production mode in order to generate the segments, which are then globally available.


Use one of the following methods:
  • Go to the Summary page of any campaign that uses strategic segments, then click the segment name in the Relevant Segments list.
  • Select Campaign > Segments, then click the name of the segment that you want to view.


The Summary page provides information about the segment.

Element Description
Description The description of the segment provided in the Create Seg process.
Source flowchart The name of the session flowchart where the segment was defined.
Audience level The audience level for the segment.
Current® count The number of IDs in this segment and the date that the segment last ran.
Relevant in following campaign(s) A list of campaign(s) the segment is relevant in. See Associating strategic segments with campaigns.
Used in the following campaign(s) A list of Campaigns and flowcharts where segment is used as input.
Note: Does not include Session flowcharts.