Editing a strategic segment's source flowchart

You can make changes to the session flowchart where a strategic segment is defined.


  1. Select Campaign > Segments.

    The All segments page appears.

  2. Click the name of the segment whose flowchart you want to edit.

    The segment's Summary page appears.

  3. Under Source flowchart, click the link to the flowchart.

    The flowchart page opens in Read only mode.

  4. Click Edit to open the flowchart in Edit mode.
  5. Make the desired changes to the flowchart. If these changes affect the strategic segment result and same strategic segment is getting used by any other campaign, then it will alert the user with the count of the affecting campaigns and sessions along with existing alert message Process run result will be lost. Continue?
  6. Click Save or Save and exit.

What to do next

Note: When a change in process box configuration causes "process run results to be lost" and the branch has strategic segment as one of the downstream process box, then an alert message is displayed saying “This change impacts downstream strategic segment(s) being used in (Number of) Campaign(s) (Number of) Session(s). Process run results will be lost. Continue?
Alert will not be displayed in below case. (Limitations)
  1. Update CreateSeg PB
  2. Add or delete link between process boxes and has CreateSeg PB downstream
  3. Add or delete PB and has CreateSeg PB downstream
  4. Delete a campaign/session/flowchart creating strategic segment
  5. Strategic segments are used in interact session FC, in global suppression etc.
  6. Strategic segments created or used before 12.1.4
    Note: Run SegmentUpdate utility to update references towards segments created or used before 12.1.4. So that alert could be displayed for those segments as well.

The strategic segment is not updated until you re-run the session flowchart in production mode. If you want to update the segment, run the session flowchart in production mode, then save it. The segment will be saved only if the configuration property Campaign|partitions|partition[n]|server|flowchartRun| saveRunResults is set to TRUE.

Note: When a CreateSeg process is re-run in production mode, the existing strategic segment created by that process is deleted. Any users of the existing strategic segment (including global suppressions) might see an "invalid segment" error if the new CreateSeg process run fails to complete successfully, or while it is still running.