Improving performance of strategic segments

By default, the Create Seg process creates a binary file on the application server, which can take a long time for a large strategic segment. When Unica Campaign updates the binary file, it drops and then inserts the rows again into a cached table; the entire file is rewritten for sorting. For extremely large strategic segments (for example, 400 million IDs), it takes a long time to rewrite the entire file, even when most of the IDs have not changed.

To improve performance, set the doNotCreateServerBinFile property on the Configuration page to TRUE. A value of TRUE specifies that strategic segments create a temp table in the data source instead of creating a binary file on the application server. When this property is set to TRUE, at least one valid data source must be specified on the Define Segments tab of the CreateSeg process configuration.

Other performance optimizations, such as creating indexes and generating statistics, which cannot be applied to cached segment tables, can be used with segment temp tables. The PostSegmentTableCreateRunScript, SegmentTablePostExecutionSQL, and SuffixOnSegmentTableCreation properties on the Configuration page support these performance optimizations.

For details about properties on the Configuration page, see the Unica Campaign Administrator's Guide.