Prerequisites for creating strategic segments

Before you create a strategic segment, you must meet the following prerequisites.

  • The saveRunResults configuration property (Campaign|partitions|partition[n]|server|flowchartRun) must be set to TRUE.
  • You must have the appropriate permissions to work with strategic segments.
  • Determine how your strategic segments will be organized, the folder hierarchy and naming conventions you will use.
  • Determine exactly what strategic segments are important to you.
  • Determine the logic behind your strategic segments.
  • Identify the relationship between different strategic segments.
  • Identify the audience levels appropriate to your strategic segments.
  • Determine how often the strategic segments should be refreshed.
  • Determine what level of detail is defined in each strategic segment. For example, should a segment include all suppressions?
  • Determine if you want to keep historical strategic segments in an archive folder.
  • Consider the size of the strategic segments you want to create and their potential impact on performance. See Improving performance of strategic segments.