How users are assigned to roles and security policies

Unlike objects and folders, which are assigned to security policies as a whole, users are assigned to roles within security policies.

You can assign users to roles individually or through groups.

  • You can assign a user to a role individually on the Settings > User roles and permissions page when you view the role details, or on the Settings > Users > Edit roles page for each user.
  • You can assign users through a group by making the user a member of a group that is assigned to that role. See the Unica Platform Administrator's Guide for details on creating and using groups.

For large numbers of users, assigning roles through groups is the easier method to manage.

If your environment is integrated with an LDAP server such as Windows™ Active Directory, group memberships are imported from the LDAP server. Groups in Unica Platform are mapped to the groups on the LDAP server, and roles are assigned to these groups to manage application access. See the Unica Platform Administrator's Guide for details.