Reference: Administrative permissions in Unica Campaign

For each partition, you can assign administrative permissions to determine feature access by role. For example, you can allow the Design role to view flowchart logs but not clear the logs.

Each partition includes four pre-defined Administrative roles:

  • Admin: All permissions enabled. The default user asm_admin is assigned this role.
  • Execute: Most permissions enabled, with the exception of administrative functions, such as performing cleanup operations, changing object/folder ownership, running the genrpt Command Line Tool, Manage Global Suppressions, and Disable Suppression in Flowchart.
  • Design: Same permissions as the Execute role.
  • Review: Read-only access to all objects. For flowcharts, these users are allowed to access the edit mode of a flowchart, but save is not allowed.

You can add other administrative roles for each partition as needed.

To access administrative permissions, choose Settings > User roles and permissions. Under the Campaign node, select a partition. Click Add roles and assign permissions. On the Properties for administrative roles page, click Save and edit permissions.

Unica Campaign includes administrative permissions in the following categories:

  • Administration
  • Audience Levels
  • Data Sources
  • Dimension Hierarchies
  • History
  • Logging
  • Reports (folder permissions)
  • System Tables
  • User Tables
  • User Variables
Note: To set permissions for all features in a category, click the category heading box. For example, click the box next to Logging to adjust all logging settings at the same time.