Troubleshooting model and score processes

Determine the cause of failure and correct the settings so that the model can be rebuilt before being scored.

About this task

When a flowchart run fails, Unica Campaign displays the error status and error messages. If an SPSS® Model or SPSS® Score process box fails during a run, it displays a red X. Depending on the error, you might need to correct the problem in the flowchart process box or in the modeling stream. Other problems might require changing configuration parameters.

To troubleshoot problems with the model or score process, complete the following steps.


  1. In your Unica Campaign flowchart, roll your cursor over the process box with the red X to view the error.
    Note: This information is also captured in the flowchart logs. In Unica Campaign, make sure the log level is set to ALL.
  2. Open the SPSS Model Process Configuration or SPSS Score Process Configuration dialog.
  3. If you determine that the problem is in the modeling stream, click Open Modeler Advantage Session.
    Note: In the SPSS® Score process box, you can open multiple sessions, one for each modeling stream. Each modeling stream opens in its own window.

    The Model tab is displayed for the modeling stream that is associated with the SPSS® Model process. The Score tab is displayed for the modeling stream that is associated with the SPSS® Score process. The Data tab is displayed if no model was built. Depending on the problem, an error might be displayed unless the model or scoring is rerun in the SPSS® Modeler Advantage session.

    1. Review and change the settings as appropriate for the error.
    2. Click Build Model or Score. You can also click Evaluate or Test.
    3. Save the modeling stream.
  4. Close the process configuration dialog and return to the Unica Campaign flowchart.

    Unica Campaign detects if the modeling stream is ready to run and displays the SPSS® Model or SPSS® Score process box as configured or unconfigured.