Adding response types

Response types are defined in the UA_UsrResponseType table in the Unica Campaign system database.

About this task

Unica Campaign includes a set of default response types. If the default response types are not sufficient, administrators can define additional response types . For more information, see Default response types.


  1. Log in to the database management system that contains the Unica Campaign system database.

    See the documentation for your database management system for detailed instructions on modifying data in tables.

  2. Open the UA_UsrResponseType table.
  3. Add one row for each response type that you want to add:
    1. Enter a unique ResponseTypeID.
    2. Enter a Name.
    3. Optionally, enter a Description.
    4. Enter a unique ResponseTypeCode.
    5. In the CountsAsResponse column, enter 1 if the type represents a successful response, 0 if it does not count as a response, or 2 if it represents a reject.

      The CountsAsResponse values are mutually exclusive for each response type. In other words, the same response type cannot be counted both as a response and a reject.

    6. In the IsDefault column, enter 1 for the response type that you want to be the default. Ensure that only one row has the value 1 in this column. All other rows must have the value 0.
  4. Save the table changes.
  5. Remap the UA_UsrResponseType system table.

What to do next

Note: If Unica Deliver offer integration is enabled and the response type originates in Unica Deliver: To support ETL of Unica Deliver response types, the response types must be defined in the Unica Deliver UACE_ResponseType table as well as the Unica Campaign UA_UsrResponseType table. Then the response types must be mapped in the UA_RespTypeMapping table.