Using the All monitored runs page to control flowchart runs

Use the All monitored runs page to view, stop, suspend, or resume running flowcharts.

Before you begin

The ability to access the All monitored runs page and use the action buttons are determined by security permissions. See Configuring operational monitoring.

Note: You can also Pause, Continue or Stop a flowchart from the Run menu on a flowchart page. The Pause and Continue actions are only available from the flowchart Run menu. For details, see the Unica Campaign User's Guide.


  1. Choose Campaign > Monitoring.

    The All monitored runs page groups active flowcharts by the campaigns that they belong to. The status for each flowchart is indicated in the Status column, and by a colored status indicator.

    The action buttons that are available for each flowchart depend on the flowchart status. Additionally, they require the appropriate security permissions.

  2. Optional: Click the name of a campaign to view the Summary of the associated campaign.
  3. Optional: Click the name of a flowchart to view it in Read Only mode.
  4. See the following topics for instructions on how to stop, suspend, or resume a run.