Configuring Campaign web

Journey application gets registered with Marketing Platform, this registration details are used to connect Journey.

The following is the configuration required in Campaign for publishing the data on the Kafka topic. This configuration is specific to each partition.

Default configuration - Affinium|Campaign|partition|partition1|Kafka|Journey.
KafkaBrokerURL Kafka server being used with Journeys application. Example is IP-0A862D46:9092
CommunicationMechanism Specify the connection mechanism to connect to Kafka server.

Possible values: SASL_PLAINTEXT_SSL - Use this to connect to kafka with username/password and SSL enabled.

NO_SASL_PLAINTEXT_SSL - Use this to connect kafka with no authentication and no SSL.

SASL_PLAINTEXT - Use this to connect kafka with username and password only.

SSL - Use this to connect kafka without username/password but with SSL.

KafkaKeyFile Specify the client key file if connection mechanism is using SSL. Example: /opt/Unica/Kafkakeys/client_key.pem
KafkaCertificateFile Specify the certificate file if connection mechanism is using SSL. Example: /opt/Unica/Kafkakeys/client_cert.pem
CertificateAuthorityFile It is signed certificate of Kafka Server, it is required when connection mechanism is using SSL. Example - /opt/Unica/Kafkakeys/ca-cert
UserForKafkaDataSource Marketing Platform user contains the datasource credentials for Kafka while connecting with username / password
KafkaDataSource DataSource containing the kafka user credentials.
TopicName Journeys designated topic for Campaign to push data to Journey. Required value - STREAMING_IMPORT. Please do not change this as it would send data to Kafka topic which is not being used in Journey.

If these configurations are not available, Journey process box will get failed.