Push: Creating and sending mobile push notifications

Follow these steps to use Unica Campaign to send mobile push notifications from Acoustic Campaign.

Before you begin

Mobile push must be enabled. See Enabling mobile app messages (push notifications).

About this task

Sending mobile push notifications involves using both Unica Campaign and Acoustic Campaign.


  1. Use Acoustic Campaign to prepare the mobile app message.

    This step involves coordination among the following users:

    • Developer
    • Org Admin
    • Marketer
    Note: The Mobile App Messages database must be a flexible database, meaning it has no unique identifier. Each organization can have only one mobile app-enabled database. If your organization is also SMS-enabled, you must have one SMS database and one mobile app database.
  2. To support response tracking, you must set the CampaignName attribute in the Acoustic Campaign Push template to match the campaign code that is defined within Unica Campaign. For example: C000000518.

    A campaign code is the globally unique identifier for a campaign.

    Campaign codes are listed on the All campaigns page in Unica Campaign.

  3. Use Unica Campaign to create a campaign and add a flowchart to it.
  4. Configure the Push process in the Unica Campaign flowchart.
  5. Do a test run in Unica Campaign.
  6. Do a production run in Unica Campaign.
  7. Perform response tracking.