Upgrading to Version 11.0

If you are upgrading from a previous version of Unica Campaign and are using the UBX toolkit, you can now use the Unica Campaign native UBX feature to integrate with Acoustic Campaign.

Unica Campaign has the built in ability to connect to IBM Universal Behavior exchange (IBM UBX). Unica Campaign provides all necessary configurations and utilities to connect to IBM UBX and fetch the events data for contact and response history tracking. Unica Campaign can now track IBM Marketing Cloud events such as email send, email open, email link click, email bounce, sms sent and Interacted sms. Unica Campaign can also download and use all IBM Marketing Cloud and IBM Mobile Push Notification (formerly known as Xtify Mobile Push Notification) events for email, Push and SMS channels.

Consider the following scenarios if you have upgraded to version 11.0:
Table 1. Upgrade Scenarios for Unica Campaign version 11.0.
Upgrading from 10.0.0.x or 10.1.x.x Description
Unica Campaign with Accelerator If you are using Unica Campaign with Accelerator to send emails, SMS, and push notifications to Acoustic Campaign, after you upgrade to version 11.0, you can use the Email, SMS, and Push process boxes in Unica Campaign to send messages to Acoustic Campaign.
Unica Campaign with UBX Toolkit If you are using the UBX toolkit to download the Events that are generated by Acoustic Campaign, after you upgrade to version 11.0, you can use Unica Campaign to download the Events.
To use Unica Campaign to download Events, complete the following steps:
  1. Unsubscribe all the events that are subscribed in the endpoint of type Custom Endpoint. Optionally, you can delete the endpoint.
  2. Create a new endpoint of type Unica Campaign and subscribe to events that are supported by IBM Unica Campaign. For more information, see Registering Unica Campaign Endpoint as a Subscriber in UBX.
  3. Configure UBX in Unica Campaign and add the authorization key of the endpoint in Unica Campaign.
  4. After Unica Campaign configuration is completed, subscribe to the events again. The events are now downloaded in separate tables in the Unica Campaign schema based on the event download schedule configuration. You can query the data in the tables and use in the Unica Campaign flowcharts. For more information, see Unica Campaign system tables Guide.
Note: Data in tables that are created by the UBX toolkit is not migrated by Unica Campaign. However, you can continue to use the data from these table.