Overview of UBX and UBX Toolkit

The UBX Toolkit provides a way for locally installed applications, such as Unica Campaign, to interact with IBM Universal Behavior Exchange (UBX). If you syndicate audiences, the UBX Toolkit is required for the audience publisher and audience subscription pieces.

The integration uses the UBX Toolkit to support response tracking by downloading event data from UBX to Unica Campaign.

The UBX Toolkit installs behind your corporate firewall to securely connect Unica Campaign and databases to UBX APIs and the HCL Commerce ecosystem. Unica Campaign relies on the UBX Toolkit to connect to UBX.

UBX supports dynamic relationships between independent software applications that register with UBX. Each UBX participating application can provide different types of marketing data and different ways to identify customers. In the context of this integration:

  • Acoustic Campaign is an event source (for Email and SMS events).
  • IBM Mobile Customer Engagement (Xtify) is an event source (for mobile push events).
  • Unica Campaign is an event destination. It appears in UBX as an event subscriber ("event consumer").

Typical events are opens, clicks, and bounces.

Unica Campaign accepts event data as an event subscriber. You use the UBX Toolkit to download event data and import it into a local database. The UBX Toolkit provides a sample mapping file that you can use to specify how the event data is stored in the database.

To obtain the UBX Toolkit and documentation, see Installing and configuring UBX Toolkit for the integration.

Important: Remember that Unica Campaign is an event consumer. When you use the UBX Toolkit, follow the instructions for event consumers. Instructions for audience endpoints do not apply.