Integration limitations and dependencies

The Unica Campaign and Acoustic Campaign integration for IBM Marketing Cloud has the following limitations and dependencies.

  • The integration requires the following products.
    • Unica Campaign version 10.0 or later (installed locally)
    • IBM Marketing Cloud
    • IBM Universal Behavior Exchange (UBX)
    • IBM UBX Toolkit version 1.2 or later (installed locally)
  • Apply any available hot fixes prior to deploying this integration.
  • A single flexible database is used for each channel (Email, SMS, and Push).
    Note: If you are using Email, SMS, and Push channels in the integration, use a separate database for each channel.
    Note: Unica Campaign and Acoustic Campaign integration supports Acoustic Campaign flexible (non-keyed) and restricted (keyed) databases.
  • Offer integration with Acoustic Campaign is not supported in the initial release of Unica Campaign v10.
  • The integration is limited to the following languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish.
  • Unica Campaign does not support Acoustic Campaign Send Time Optimization (STO).
  • Unica Campaign users can see all of the Engage process boxes (Email, SMS, Push) in the flowchart palette. However, they cannot use the process boxes unless they have a subscription to IBM Marketing Cloud.
  • There is a 1:1 relationship between an Acoustic Campaign Org and an Unica Campaign partition. Each partition has one and only one Acoustic Campaign Org (defined at provisioning time).
  • To send SMS messages, you must purchase SMS messaging for IBM Marketing Cloud, and IBM must provision your Acoustic Campaign account to support SMS messaging.
  • To send mobile app messages (Push), your IBM Marketing Cloud account must be enabled for mobile push and the mobile app must be implemented in IBM Marketing Cloud.