Mobile push tracking data available as an event

The following table lists the mobile push tracking data that can be downloaded from UBX Toolkit to Unica Campaign.

Engage supports specific mobile push events that provide tracking data. Engage makes this data available as UBX events. You use UBX Toolkit to download the event data to Unica Campaign and load it into response tracking tables for Unica Campaign consumption.

If you have upgraded to version or later and are using the Unica Campaign built-in ability to connect to UBX, then the UBX events are downloaded directly into Unica Campaign.

The Event name might differ between mailings. The Event code must appear in the tracking data exactly as shown.

Table 1. Mobile push tracking events through UBX
Event name Event code Unica Campaign system table
Mobile App - Installed appInstalled UA_App_Installed
Mobile App - Uninstalled appUninstalled UA_App_Uninstalled
Mobile App - Opened a Push Notification appNotificationOpen

actionTaken = app

Mobile App - Clicked a URL appNotificationOpen

actionTaken = url

Mobile App - Enabled a Push Notification appPushEnabled UA_App_UIPushEnabled
Mobile App - Disabled a Push Notification appPushDisabled UA_App_UIPushDisabled
Mobile App - Started a Session appSessionOpen UA_App_SessionStarted
Mobile App - Ended a Session appSessionClose UA_App_SessionEnded