Installing and configuring UBX Toolkit for the integration

To support response tracking from Acoustic Campaign to Unica Campaign, you must install and configure the UBX Toolkit. The UBX Toolkit installs behind your corporate firewall to securely connect Unica Campaign and its databases to UBX APIs and the IBM Commerce ecosystem.

Before you begin

  • You must have administrative access to install and configure the UBX Toolkit files on a local server.
  • You must know the UBX API URL that was established for your account. You must enter this value for ubx.api.service.url in the UBX Toolkit file. IBM Provisioning typically provides this URL as part of the provisioning process. If you do not know the URL, see Provisioning requirements for Unica Campaign, Acoustic Campaign, and UBX.

About this task

From Unica Campaign version onwards, you do not require the UBX toolkit to download events. Use the Unica Campaign built-in feature to register a Unica Campaign endpoint in the UBX user interface and download events. If you syndicate audiences, the UBX Toolkit is still required for the audience publisher and audience subscription pieces.

The UBX Toolkit consists of property files and scripts that you install in your local network environment and modify to satisfy your business requirements.

In the context of this integration, Unica Campaign is the event destination (event consumer endpoint). When you use the UBX Toolkit documentation to complete the following steps, only the instructions for event consumers apply. Instructions for audience endpoints do not apply.

Only the following portions of the UBX Toolkit documentation are relevant to this integration:

  • Chapter 1. Overview of the UBX Toolkit.
  • Chapter 2. UBX Toolkit installation and configuration.
  • Chapter 3. Event destination endpoints.


  1. See the IBM UBX Toolkit documentation.
  2. Follow the instructions.

    Remember that Unica Campaign is an event consumer. Therefore, you only need to follow the instructions for event consumers.

    Instructions for audience producers and endpoints do not apply. For example, UBX account-level authentication keys do not pertain to this integration. Only the endpoint-level authentication key pertains.

  3. Follow the instructions in Chapter 3. Event destination endpoints of the UBX Toolkit documentation to register Unica Campaign as an event destination endpoint.

What to do next

If you have not already done so, create response tracking tables to hold event data that will be downloaded from Acoustic Campaign to Unica Campaign via UBX and the UBX Toolkit. See Creating response tracking tables for the integration.