Enabling mobile app messages (push notifications)

Several one-time setup tasks must be completed to enable Acoustic Campaign to send Mobile App Messages (push notifications).

About this task

This task outlines the main steps.


  1. IBM Provisioning enables Mobile App Messages for the Acoustic Campaign organization.
  2. The Acoustic Campaign Org Admin grants Mobile App Messages permissions for the Acoustic Campaign user.
  3. The Acoustic Campaign user creates one or multiple app keys in the Engage UI. To do this, the Acoustic Campaign user needs the Apple certificate for IOS and/or Google API key for Android from the mobile app developer.
  4. The mobile app developer downloads the SDK and uses the SDK and the Acoustic Campaign app key to build the apps.
  5. The Acoustic Campaign Org Admin or Acoustic Campaign user enables a flexible database for the Mobile App Message. It can be a new or existing database.
    Note: Each Acoustic Campaign organization can have only one mobile app-enabled database. If you are using Email, SMS, and Push channels in the integration, use a separate database for each channel.