Acoustic Campaign configuration requirements for Unica Campaign offer integration

Unica Campaign offers are available in Acoustic Campaign. To enable integration you must provide the required information to your Acoustic Campaign Provisioning Team.

Note: Only Tracked HyperLink , ClickStream, and FileDownload are supported for Unica Campaign offer integration.

Information exchange

When Unica Campaign and Acoustic Campaign are integrated, the offer information from Campaign is used by Acoustic Campaign in emails. When a user configures an email template in Acoustic Campaign and attaches an offer from Unica Campaign to dynamic content links in this email template, the API call for the offer information is made from the browser to the UNica Campaign server. EasyXDM is used to handle this communication.
Important: No API calls are made from the on-cloud Acoustic Campaign server to the on-premise Unica Campaign server and hence no firewall changes are required.

Enabling integration

To enable this feature, you need to provide the following information to your Acoustic Campaign Provisioning Team. An Acoustic Campaign Provisioning user can enable Acoustic Campaign from Settings > Organization Settings > Integrations > Unica Campaign Integration.

Unica Campaign Integration Enabled
Unica Campaign API URL



Campaign Partition Name

Example: partition1

Note: Only one partition is supported per Acoustic Campaign ORG.
Unica Campaign user name
Unica Campaign Admin user.

Example: asm_admin

Note: If you configured Unica Campaign or Unica Platform by using your Tivoli or SiteMinder login information, the API URL is http://<Tivoli_Host>/<Campaign_JUNCTION>/Campaign/jsp/engage/engageHome.jsp. Example:

or http://<SITEMINDER_HOST>/Campaign/jsp/engage/engageHome.jsp. Example: