Registering Unica Campaign Endpoint as a Subscriber in UBX

In an integrated environment, to download events from UBX, you must register Campaign Endpoint as a subscriber in UBX.

Before you begin

You must add Acoustic Campaign or IBM Mobile Customer Engagement as publishers in UBX.

Note: If you are using the UBX Toolkit to download events from UBX and you want to continue using the UBX Toolkit, this topic is not applicable for you and you can skip these steps.


To register Unica Campaign Endpoint as a subscriber, complete the following steps:
  1. Go to UBX by clicking the UBX URL.
  2. On the EndPoints tab, click Register New Endpoint.
  3. Select Campaign as the Endpoint type and click Next.
  4. Click Next to complete the endpoint registration request.
    The endpoint can be seen on the EndPoints tab with the status as Pending.
  5. On the EndPoints tab, open the endpoint details for the endpoint that you requested.
  6. Copy the Authentication Key. This is required in the next steps.
  7. Log in to the Unica Marketing Platform.
  8. Create a data source under the Unica Marketing Platform user account that has permissions to connect to IBM UBX.
  9. Specify the endpoint user name as UBX (or any non-empty string) and add the Authentication Key that you copied earlier as the password for the data source.
  10. Specify the endpoint properties located at Affinium|Campaign|partitions|partition[n]|ubx.
  11. Ensure that the following environment variables are configured in the setenv file located at <CAMPAIGN_HOME>/tools/UBXTools/.
  12. To register Endpoint, go to <CAMPAIGN_HOME>/tools/UBXTools/ and run the following command:
    • For Windows: RegisterEndPoint.bat partition_name
    • For Unix: ./ partition_name
  13. Go to the EndPoints tab in UBX and click Refresh. Ensure that the endpoint is Active.