Custom cell attributes

You can create customized cell attributes. For example, you can define a custom cell attribute of Marketing Approach to store values such as Cross-sell, Up-sell, Defection, or Loyalty. Custom cell attributes are included in the target cell spreadsheet (TCS) for every campaign, even campaigns that have already been created.

Custom cell attributes are the same across all campaigns. Users enter values for custom cell attributes in the target cell spreadsheet of a campaign. For example, if you created the custom cell attribute Marketing Approach, users would see a Marketing Approach field when editing a row in the target cell spreadsheet.

Output processes in flowcharts can also generate output values for custom cell attributes as Unica Campaign Generated Fields (UCGF). Users can then view reports based on the values of the cell attributes, if the reports are customized to support this. For more information, see the Unica Campaign User's Guide.

Note: If Unica Campaign is integrated with Unica Plan, you must use Unica Plan to create custom cell attributes. For details, see the Unica Plan documentation.