Inferred responses

A response is considered to be inferred when the following conditions are met:

  • no Unica Campaign-generated tracking codes (campaign, cell, offer, or treatment code) are returned
  • the responder belongs to either a target cell or a control cell
  • at least one offer attribute used for response tracking was returned
  • all returned offer attributes match.

A response with a null value for an attribute of interest cannot match a treatment that has that offer attribute. For example, a response that is missing a value for "interest rate" cannot match any offer created from an offer template that contains interest rate as an offer attribute.

However, a response with a value for an attribute of interest that does not exist in a treatment does not preclude a match. For example, if a Free Shipping offer was created from an offer template without an "interest rate" offer attribute, and "interest rate" is an attribute of interest, the value of the "interest rate" attribute for an incoming response does not matter when Unica Campaign considers possible matches against treatments associated with the Free Shipping offer.

In addition, the respondent must have been contacted (that is, they must have been in the target cell, or in a group that was contacted), for their response to be counted as inferred.

For example, if a customer was sent a coupon for $1 off laundry detergent and that customer purchased laundry detergent (even if they did not redeem the coupon), Unica Campaign infers a positive response to that target treatment instance.