Direct exact matches

A response is considered to be a direct exact match if Unica Campaign can uniquely identify a single target treatment instance to credit.

Note: It is a best practice to use Unica Campaign-generated treatment codes for tracking, because Unica Campaign can always uniquely identify a treatment instance to credit if the treatment code is returned.

For example, if you used the treatment codes generated from a contact flowchart as coupon codes in an offer, and a treatment code is returned by a respondent in one of the offer's target cells, then the response is a direct exact match to that offer.

If multiple tracking codes or attributes of interest are received, all codes and attribute values must match exactly for the treatment instance to be counted. In other words, if a respondent provides an offer code, a treatment code, and an offer attribute with a non-null value, all must exactly match the codes and offer attribute values in the treatment.