Adding contact status codes

You can add your own contact status codes to supplement the contact statuses that are delivered with Unica Campaign. Define new contact status codes in the UA_ContactStatus table in the Unica Campaign system database. A contact status indicates the type of contact made (for example, Delivered, Undelivered, Control).

About this task

If the contact statuses that are supplied with Unica Campaign do not meet your needs, use the following procedure to add contact statuses.Unica Campaign users specify a contact status when they configure a Call List or Mail List process. They configure a Track process to update contact statuses.


  1. Log in to the database management system that contains the Unica Campaign system table database.
  2. Open the UA_ContactStatus table.
  3. Add rows for new contact statuses. For each new status:
    1. Enter a unique ContactStatusID.
      Note: The ContactStatusID can be any unique positive integer within the internalIdLowerLimit and internalIdUpperLimit configuration parameter values that are defined on the Configuration page in Unica Platform.
    2. Enter a Name.
    3. Optionally, enter a Description.
    4. Enter a unique ContactStatusCode. You can use the values A-Z and 0-9.
    5. In the CountsAsContact column, enter 1 if the status represents a successful contact, or 0 if it does not.
      Note: This column is used by Unica Optimize to manage contact fatigue. It also can be useful for queries against the contact history table to suppress individuals who received a specific number of contacts within some time period.
    6. In the Defaults column, enter 0 if that status is not to be the default, or 1 if it is. Enter 2 for the default status for control cells. Ensure that only one row has the value of 1 and one row has the value of 2 in this column.
  4. Save the table changes.

What to do next

If necessary, see the documentation for your database management system for detailed instructions on modifying data in tables.