Adding products

You can add products that users can associate with offers. You add products directly in the database table UA_Product.

About this task

Users can associate an offer with one or more relevant products. Product IDs are stored in the UA_Product table in the Unica Campaign system table database. Initially, there are no records in this table. As an administrator, you can populate this table.


  1. Use your database management system to access the Unica Campaign system table database.
  2. Locate the UA_Product table.

    The table is delivered with two columns:

    • ProductID (bigint, length 8)
    • UserDefinedFields (int, length 4)
  3. Optionally, modify the table to include additional columns. You may also delete the UserDefinedFields column.
  4. Populate the table as necessary to include products that can be associated with offers.
  5. Save the changes to the UA_Product table.


Users can now assign relevant products when creating or editing an offer.