About global suppressions and global suppression segments

Use the global suppression feature to specify a list of IDs (in a single audience level) that are automatically excluded from all cells in flowcharts in Unica Campaign.

Note: Specifying and managing global suppression segments requires the "Manage Global Suppressions" permission in Unica Campaign.

You do this by creating this list of unique IDs as a strategic segment, then by specifying that segment as a global suppression segment for a particular audience level. Only one global suppression segment can be configured for each audience level.

If a global suppression segment has been configured for an audience level, all top-level Select, Extract, or Audience processes associated with that audience level automatically exclude the IDs in the global suppression segment from their output results, unless the global suppression is explicitly disabled for a specific flowchart. By default, flowcharts have global suppression enabled so that no action needs to be taken for any configured global suppression to be applied.

For details about disabling global suppressions, see the Unica Campaign User's Guide.

An exception to the default of global suppression being enabled is the flowchart containing the CreateSeg process that created the global strategic segment itself. In this case, the global suppression is always disabled (only for the audience level for which the global suppression segment is created).