About additional audience levels and system tables

If you require additional audience levels, you must create and map the equivalent set of system tables to support them as you did for the default Customer audience level.

You must define audience levels before you map user tables, so that you can specify audience levels during the user table mapping process. Base tables mapped at a specific audience level, when queried, will return IDs at that audience level.

Before you create an additional audience level, you must create four tables in the Unica Campaign system table database.

Each audience level you create requires the following associated system tables:

  • A contact history table
  • A detailed contact history table
  • A response history table
  • A segment membership table

When you create the audience level, system table entries are automatically created.

After you create the audience level, you map these system tables to the database tables.

Note: It is recommended that you map the segment membership table only if you are using strategic segments with Unica Campaign flowcharts or Optimize sessions in Unica Optimize.