Reviewing roles, permissions, and configurations

Plan uses its own roles, permissions, and policies, where as Centralized Offer Management uses Campaign's. Please review the user roles and permissions, and configure as per the requirement.

About this task

Also, post migration, access all the configurations and ensure that there are no changes in configurations post migration. Sometimes, migration of offers may cause a change in configuration, for example the defaultLocale and the currencyLocale may be different. currencyLocale in Centralized Offer Management should be same as Plan. To update currencylocale in Centralized Offer Management, complete the following steps:


  1. From the Unica Platform home page, select Settings > Configuration.
    The Configuration page appears.
  2. Select offer under HCL Unica
    The Settings for 'offer' page appears.
  3. Click on Edit settings
    The Edit settings page appears.
  4. Update the value in currencyLocale, supportedLocale and defaultLocale. Click on Save changes.
    Save successful message appears.

    For more information on setting roles, permissions, and configurations, see Unica Centralized Offer Management Administrator's Guide.