Using the Migration utility

Centralized Offer Management points to the Campaign database. Hence, all the published offer-related data should be already available to Centralized Offer Management. However, there were few data issues between Plan offer management tables and Centralized Offer Management tables. This utility helps correcting the data in Campaign.

Before you begin

When you run the Migration utility, it gets executed only for the logged-in user's partition. You must run the Migration utility for all the partitions of Centralized Offer Management.

About this task

The utility performs the following actions:

  • Pushes the correct definition of the Single Select Database attribute in Centralized Offer Management.
    • Utility will push the correct definition to Centralized Offer Management, however it is the user's responsibility to migrate lookup tables from Plan schema to respective Campaign schema of all the partitions. Unica Plan provides an option to Export offer templates. For more information, see Exporting templates.
  • Pushes the correct definition for the Money attribute.
  • Pushes the dependencies between Single-select database attributes.
  • Marks all the disabled templates in Plan as retired in Centralized Offer Management.

To run the utility, perform the following steps:


  1. From the Unica Platform home page, select Settings > Plan settings.
    The Administrative settings page appears.
  2. Within System administration settings, select Migration to Centralized Offer Management from the Other options group.
    The Migration to Centralized Offer Management dialog appears.
  3. Click Continue to complete the migration.
    This will migrate all the offers, offer templates, and custom attributes to Centralized Offer Management.