Exporting templates

When migrating offers and offer attributes from Plan to Centralized Offer Management, most offers and offer attributes migrate successfully without any additional configurations required post migration.

About this task

The Select Box - Database attribute is mapped to a table of the Datasource. Such attributes, post migration, must be configured to link to the table and datasource. If such tables do not exist in Centralized Offer Management, you must migrate lookup tables from Plan schema to respective Campaign schema of all the partitions.

To avoid the manual migration of lookup tables from Plan schema to respective Campaign schema, use the Export template feature of Unica Plan.

To export template from Plan, complete the following steps:


  1. From the Unica Platform home page, select Settings > Plan settings.
    The Administrative settings page appears.
  2. In Other options within System administration settings, select Data Migration.
    The Data Migration page appears.
  3. Within Data Migration, click on the Export button of Templates.
    The Export template page appears.
  4. Within Export templates, uncheck everything except Offer.
  5. Select the appropriate value from Database type and click Export.
    A <offer-name>.zip file downloads in your system.
  6. Navigate to the folder <offer-name>.zip > Forms folder and extract it to the required location on your system.
  7. Copy the following SQL script files:
    • droplkup.sql
    • createlkup.sql
    • insertlkup.sql
  8. Run the scripts files in the defined order on your Unica Campaign schema. First run droplkup.sql script, then createlkup.sql script and finally insertlkup.sql script.