Steps to Migrate from Plan's Offer Management to Centralized Offer Management

You can migrate from Plan's offer mangement to offers to Centralized Offer Management, and also migrate offers history and offer lists history. Before starting the migration process, ensure that the following prerequisites are met:

Before you begin

  • Install Unica Centralized Offer Management.
  • This migration activity, which includes migrating Plan's offer management to Unica Centralized Offer Management and migrating offer history and offer list history to Unica Centralized Offer Management, needs to be performed by one user from each partition. Ensure that the user perfroming the migration has OfferAdmin and PlanAdmin privileges, and the permission required to update all the offer templates in Unica Centralized Offer Management.
  • In Unica Plan, if you are using reverse proxy or web access management software (ISAM, Siteminder, etc), populate serverURLInternal with the direct internal URL of Unica Centralized Offer Management. For example, serverURLInternal= http://<hostname>:<port>/Offer.
  • Before migrating the offer history, from Unica Plan to Unica Centralized Offer Management, for all offer records and offer list records, run the the following query on Unica Plan's database:
    select a.mktg_object_id, a.partition_id,t.partition_id from uap_mktgobject m, uap_offer_attributes a , uap_tt_templates t where m.mktg_object_id = a.mktg_object_id and m.template_name= t.template_name and t.object_type = 17 and a.is_offer_list is null and a.partition_id is null and t.partition_id is not null;

    If the execution of the query results in some data, it indicates a data issue. Please contact Unica Support team for a resolution.

About this task

To migrate offers and offer lists, and their history, from Unica Plan to Unica Centralized Offer Management, complete the following procedures:


  1. Configuration changes
  2. Using the Migration utility
    1. Exporting templates
  3. Migrating offer history or offer list history
  4. Reviewing roles, permissions, and configurations