S/MIME Certificate Distribution and Management

The primary S/MIME certificate distribution mechanism available for S/MIME support with HTMO and HCL Verse for Android is the exchange of S/MIME signed messages between S/MIME users. In the case of HTMO, Outlook provides a mechanism to extract public certificates from signed messages and then import them into the local Outlook contacts for use in S/MIME encryption. HCL Verse for Android automatically collects S/MIME certificates as S/MIME signed emails are synchronized to the device and makes them available for sending S/MIME encrypted messages. The list of collected certificates can be found in the HCL Verse for Android Settings app (Settings > Account > Collected S/MIME Certificates.

Currently, it is not possible to use a corporate directory or other Domino-provided mechanism for distributing S/MIME certificates for use in sending S/MIME encrypted messages. While HTMO allows the user to store certificates on Contacts, it does not synchronize these certificates to the server and therefore they are not available to other clients.