Using widgets with HCL Verse for Android devices

HCL Verse for Android comes with several widgets that can be added to the home screen of your device.

Android widgets give you simplified views of an application's most important information, and HCL Verse has several for you to use, including widgets for Mail, Calendar, and To Do. For instructions on how to add a widget to your Home screen, consult the online Android documentation for your device.

At a Glance Widget

The HCL Verse at a Glance widget and side drawer display the number of action items past due or due today. Press Needs Action or Waiting For to display the Action Items which shows these items.

Mail widget

When you install the HCL Verse Mail widget, you will be asked to select which mail folder to view. The Mail widget will display a scrolled list of mail from the folder you have selected, and unread messages will be shown in bold. When you select a message from the widget, it opens in the HCL Verse Mail app.

Press the + icon on the Mail widget to create a new message.

The envelope icon on the Mail widget indicates how many unread messages are in the selected folder.

Calendar widget

The Calendar widget shows a scrolled list of upcoming calendar events. When you select an event from the list, it will display in the HCL Verse Calendar app.

Select the + icon on the Calendar widget to create a new calendar event.

Press the calendar icon on the Calendar widget to open the Calendar app for the date displayed.

To Do widget

The To Do widget shows a scrolled list of tasks. When you select a task from the list, it displays in the HCL Verse To Do app.

Select the + icon on the To Do widget to create a new To Do item.

Press the check mark icon on the To Do widget to open the To Do app for that date. The counter next to the check mark icon indicates how many tasks have not yet been completed.

Things to be aware of when using widgets for HCL Verse

Currently, widgets are not available when managed by MobileIron.