Configuring Traveler for use with Outlook

After installing the Traveler server, configure it for use with IBM® mail support for Microsoft™ Outlook (IMSMO).


  1. Add the setting NTS_OUTLOOK_ONLY=true to the Traveler server notes.ini file.
  2. Optional: By default, Traveler removes all of its notes.ini values if uninstalled. If you want the notes.ini values to remain in the event that you uninstall, set NTS_PRESERVE_PROPS=true in the server notes.ini.file.
  3. From the Domino® Administrator client, open the Traveler server and click the Configuration tab.
  4. Expand the Server drop-down.
  5. Select Configurations then click the Edit Configuration.
  6. Click the Router/SMTP - Basics tab and set the variable SMTP allowed within the local internet domain to Disabled:
    SMTP configuration setting
    Note: Servers in a Domino domain where IMSMO is used must have this variable set to Disabled - if this setting is enabled, it forces MIME messages to be routed over SMTP, which will affect the ability of Outlook users to read encrypted mail.
    Note: As a best practice, each person, group, and mail-in database should have an assigned internet address. Though not recommended or supported, you can set the variable Address lookup to Fullname then Local Part to work around this recommendation:
    Address lookup configuration setting