How do I create and manage calendar entries on an Android device?

You can create and manage calendar entries on your Android device in various ways.

While Offline, the HCL Verse Calendar will reflect the most up to date calendar events from the last time the app synced with the server. While Offline you may still accept, tentatively-accept, or decline any meeting (including Invitations, Reschedules, and Updates) that was not previously accepted, and you can do it from invitation notices in the Inbox, Calendar invitations view, or from ghosted events on the Calendar. You can also decline accepted meetings, process a cancellation notices, as well as create, reschedule, and cancel meetings. All changes to the calendar made offline will sync to the server once a connection has been restored.

Table 1. Creating and managing calendar entries
How do I... Action
Change the calendar display?
  1. On an Android phone, select Menu.
  2. Select one of the following:
    • Day: List daily calendar entry descriptions with the time slot display.
    • Week: Visual display of booked time slots for the week.
    • Month: Visual display of booked time slots for the month.
    • Agenda: List daily calendar entry descriptions without the time slot display.
Note: On tablets, the calendar views are accessible as tabs on the calendar screen. You can choose Agenda, Day, Week, or Month.
Create a calendar entry?
  1. Select the New Event icon New Event from the calendar screen..
  2. Type a subject in the Subject field.
  3. Select Event type: choices are Meeting, Appointment, All Day Event, Anniversary, and Reminder.
  4. To change start or end time, select the link. This will display a date and time selection dialog.
  5. Do any of the following:
    • Select the Repeats field to display the Repeats dialog. Then specify the repeat options.
    • Select the Alarm field to display the Alarm dialog. Then set the time interval for the alarm to sound before an event.
    • Use the Description field to add any additional information about the entry.
    • Enter a category name in the Category field.
    • You can make the event private by selecting Private.
    • You can designate the time slot as available by selecting Availability.
  6. If the calendar event you are creating is a meeting, you can add names to the invitation using the Required, Optional, or FYI fields.
  7. Select Save or Menu > Save to save and close.
Create a calendar entry from a mail message? You can create a calendar entry from a mail message, which include the mail recipients as invitees, and the event details information pre-filled with the content of the message:
  1. Open the overflow menu.
  2. Select Create event from message.
  3. The event editor displays, with the summary, description and participants pre-filled using the information from the mail message.
  4. Edit the details of the calendar event as described in the previous section, then select Save or Menu > Save to save and close.
Reschedule or update a meeting?
  1. Select the calendar entry.
  2. Select the Editing icon Edit.
Set an alarm?
  1. In a calendar entry, select the menu Alarm to display the Alarm editor.
  2. Specify in either minutes, hours, or days the amount of time before or after the start of the calendar entry to trigger the alarm.
  3. Press OK to apply the changes or Cancel to back out. Pressing the Back button also cancels the alarm.
Edit a calendar entry?
  1. Select the Edit icon Edit from the calendar screen.
  2. Make the edits to calendar entry.
  3. Select Save to save and close.
  4. For repeat calendar entries, a window displays. Select Just this instance to save only this occurrence or select All instances to save all occurrences. Then select either Save or Cancel.
Delete a calendar entry?
  1. Select the calendar entry.
  2. Select the Delete icon Delete.
    Note: If the entry is a recurring event, the confirmation dialog contains choices to delete this instance or all instances.
Work with "ghosted" calendar events?

"Ghosted" events are events on the Verse calendar based on an invitation notice, prior to when you accept or decline its invitation. Ghosted events look different in the calendar from an accepted meeting and have options to accept, decline, or tentatively-accept. If you decline the ghosted event, it will disappear from the calendar. If you accept or tentatively accept, it will be replaced with a regular event. Calendar ghosting must be supported on your server for ghosted events to appear.

Add tap-to-dial coding for a new calendar entry?

You can add special characters to customize the tap-to-dial functionality of telephone numbers within a calendar entry.

You can use the characters p and , (comma) as pause characters. In addition, the characters ; (semicolon) and x will cause a user to be prompted before the characters which follow it are sent.

Some examples of conference call number formats follow. The first examples pause between dialing the phone number and sending the access code:

The next examples cause an Android device to prompt the user before sending the access code:


Join a meeting from your device?

Press the Join button from the Meeting Details screen.

If Sametime Mobile Meetings is installed on your device, the meeting will open using the app. If not, your device will attempt to open the meeting in a web browser.

Note: The Meeting Details screen displays if you select a meeting from your calendar. It also displays if you select a reminder alert about an upcoming meeting.