Troubleshooting mail attachments

See these tips for troubleshooting issues with mail attachments.

The following details issues you may experience when sending mail attachments, and how to work around those issues:
  • Issue: Messages with attachments sit in the Outbox and do not get sent.
  • Solution: Check that the POST and REQUEST limits on the Domino® server are greater than the attachment limit for Microsoft Outlook
  • Issue: Messages with attachments smaller than the limits set on the Domino® server are being rejected by Microsoft Outlook when attempting to attach.
  • Solution: This behavior is controlled by the Outlook registry key, or the lack thereof (15MB default) and has nothing to do with what the server will actually accept. For more information, see this Microsoft support page.
  • Issue: Some file attachments cannot be viewed in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Solution: For file attachments in Microsoft Outlook, the attachment name cannot contain the characters # and % - these characters are not supported, and will not be viewable in Microsoft Outlook.