Searching older email

When you first install and set up IBM® mail support for Microsoft™ Outlook (IMSMO), existing mail that is more than 30 days old is not synced to Outlook. IMSMO users with IBM Verse™ subscriptions can use the IBM Mail Search feature to find older email on their mail servers and display it in Outlook.

Before you begin

Click the ribbon display option icon ribbon display icon and make sure that Show Tabs and Commands is selected.


To search all your email on the server, use either of the following options:
  • Search a local mail folder such as your Inbox. If the search doesn't find what you want, click Search IBM Mail to extend the search to all of your email on the server.
  • Click the IBM Mail Search tab and enter text in the search box that is shown.


  • The results are shown in the IBM Mail Search Results folder, which becomes the active folder.
  • The most recent emails are shown first. If more than 50 emails are found, click Get next 50 results to see more.
  • Results stay in the IBM Mail Search Results folder until you search the mail server again, at which point they are overwritten.
  • If you search your local Outlook Inbox, results can include results from your last IBM Mail search.
  • You can't move emails in the IBM Mail Search Results folder to another folder.